The Key's Whole School membership is all our memberships together for a great price!


This tier of membership gives you full access to all our resources.


The Key Leaders - What is Key Leaders?

The Key Governance - What is The Key Governance?

The Key Safeguarding - What is The Key Safeguarding?

The Key CPD - What is Key CPD?

  1. Up-to-the-minute articles on all aspects of school leadership so you’ll know exactly what to do and how to do it rightTemplates, letters and proformas to give you a headstart on your jobs to be done
  2. Weekly emails tailored to your job role with supporting articles and resources
  3. A central place to manage membership and meetings, store documents and communicate with your board
  4. A library of practical and timely guidance, resources, templates and checklists
  5. Online training for new, established and link governors/trustees
  6. A new, ready-to-deliver INSET pack released every year, so your staff stay engaged and fully up to date with Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE)
  7. eLearning courses for all of your staff, which feed into a handy dashboard to evidence compliance
  8. Downloadable factsheets and termly briefings, to cover key safeguarding topics as they emerge
  9. Deep dive training modules across a wide range of topics including SEND, differentiation and developing a growth mindset
  10. On-demand talks from practising school leaders and teachers sharing their proven methods that strengthen curriculums and transform classroom standards

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