How can I export my data from Compliance Tracker?

As Compliance Tracker will be removed from The Key for School Leaders on 30 July 2021, you are able to export your data and any notes or evidence into a zip file.


After 30/07/21 - f you would like to export your data you will need to contact our member support team.  

After this date, and in accordance with GDPR requirements, we will only be able to download this information for another 94 days, we will undertake the process of purging all back-up data for your security. 


The zip file will include the following:


A spreadsheet which includes;

  • All areas of Compliance tracker and the requirements within them
  • Whether the areas and requirements are active or inactive
  • The statuses of the areas and requirements
  • The owners of the areas and requirements
  • Any review dates for the requirements
  • [Relevant for academies*] Whether a requirement is school managed or centrally managed by the trust
  • [Relevant for academies*] All the compliance data from the centrally managed requirements 


A folder which includes;

  • Any notes that have been written against a requirement
  • Any evidence that has been uploaded against a requirement
  • [Relevant for academies*] Any notes or evidence uploaded by your trust will also be available if they have chosen to share it with you


*Your academy must be sharing data with your trust for the trust inputted data to appear


If you need any further support with exporting your data from Compliance Tracker, please contact us on 0800 061 4500 or use the live chat button in the bottom right hand corner. 

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