Can I still get support with compliance for my school in any way from The Key?

Yes, definitely. In fact there are a number of ways you can use your membership to The Key for School Leaders to monitor compliance:

Firstly, if you are already using Compliance Tracker, near the end of the academic year, you will be invited to export your data into a spreadsheet, which will contain all the important bits you need to keep track of, such as requirement owners, review dates, area owners and any notes and evidence. 

We have also committed to maintaining all of the practical guidance and resources you would usually find in Compliance Tracker. These articles will now sit in The Key for School Leaders, and will be supported by our ‘alerts’ feature which means you will be notified as soon as anything in the guidance is updated, in order to help you keep on top of your statutory requirements. 

We will also continue to offer role-specific content, checklists and need-to-know updates across all critical compliance and school leadership roles within The Key for School Leaders.

Although we are removing Compliance Tracker, we will continue to invest in new features and resources for The Key for School Leaders, to make sure you get maximum value from your membership.

If you like to hear more about the new features in our roadmap, please speak to our member support team on: 0800 061 4500

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