You said you’d had feedback from your members about Compliance Tracker not being right for them, can you share a bit more detail on that please?

Of course. We speak to our members constantly to make sure our products and services are providing the very best support that meets the needs of their schools/trust. The feedback we refer to has come in anecdotally over the years through many forms: 


  • Through member service - we speak to members day in day out and work to support them in their use of our services to make sure they’re getting the most value out of their membership
  • Through market research - we have a dedicated team here at The Key who regularly conduct interviews and focus groups with members (and indeed non-members). This helps us stay on the pulse of member needs and makes sure the services we provide are supporting the current sector challenges
  • Through NPS - conducted via ongoing surveys, this is a measure of how happy our members are with each of our products, and whether they would recommend us to another school/trust
  • Finally, our product and content teams also speak to our members regularly, either in sourcing insights for practical guidance, case studies or stress-testing new product ideas before we launch them. Our product team also regularly reviews usage levels across all our products to make sure they are delivering value to schools.


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