Membership of our whole school Safeguarding Training Centre package includes:

  • 2020/21 Safeguarding INSET pack -Download-and-deliver our safeguarding INSET pack, published in June 2020
  • Reintegrating Pupils - 40 minute training about reintegrating pupils that can be delivered face to face or over a video call. 
  • 4 E-Learning modules - A one hour course which covers all essential points from section one of Keeping children Safe in Education (To be updated with all the new KCSiE 2020 information by mid-August), a 30-minute course which covers everything your staff need to know about the Prevent duty and what’s expected of them and a 60-minute course that provides all the safer recruitment know-how you need to make sure your recruitment practice meets statutory requirements and does everything possible to protect children from risk of harm. Please feel free to look at our demos for our e-learning modules by clicking here and going to About.

  • Safeguarding assessment - Pre and Post Assessments ensures all your staff are compliant with The Key's online assessment and allows you to track your staff's progress

  • Termly Briefings focused on key safeguarding issues

  • Fact sheets for staff and parents to keep them informed on specific safeguarding concerns

  • Online Safety Hub - Our Online Safety Hub, one for both staff and parents, has downloadable materials for printing out and reading. 

Membership rates depend on the size of your school. Please advise us how many pupils you currently have on roll and we will be able to let you know the best membership options available for your school.

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