(for all members with GovernorHub) 

GovernorHub has separate administrator roles to The Key.  

“To view your GovernorHub admins, you can log into your GovernorHub account and go to the Members section in the Governing Board tab (This tab might be called something different e.g. Local Board, Committee or Council). If you need to setup admins on GovernorHub, then please email support@governorhub.com 

Your clerk or governance professional is usually the main admin on GovernorHub - although a chair or school leader may also have admin rights.
Admins make sure the board is running efficiently and records are up-to-date. It’s their job to:

  • Manage access; adding and removing users
  • Assign roles and update user details (e.g. appointments and terms of office)
  • Oversee document storage, board compliance and set up specific board confirmations (I confirm I have…)
  • Keep the board constitution up-to-date and look after historical records
  • Add meeting events and track attendance

There is a useful section in the GovernorHub help centre for clerks and admins which contains everything you need to know to run an effective board on GovernorHub. 

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