Does Compliance Tracker apply to my school?

Compliance Tracker is designed to support maintained schools and academies in England. It covers the primary and secondary phases. See the table below for a list of these types of schools.

Maintained Academy
Community School  Academy Converter 
Community Special School  Academy Special Converter 
Foundation School  Academy Special Sponsor Led 
Foundation Special School  Academy Sponsor Led 
Voluntary Aided School  Free Schools 
Voluntary Controlled School  Free Schools Special 


You can still use Compliance Tracker if your school does not appear in this table, but you may find that some or all of the content isn’t relevant.

Please note that Compliance Tracker is not available to schools outside England.

If you’d like to find out how Compliance Tracker can help your school, please complete this short form. 

Alternatively, you can talk directly to one of our member support team via live chat (the red button at the bottom-right corner of this page). Our working hours are 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

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